Hi, my name is David, or Dave - whichever you prefer.  I'm an internet musician. 

I'll get this part out of the way first.  I give my music away for free, but I make my music available for purchase.  I get a great deal of traffic, have met a lot of cool people, and have even heard from most of the people who I've written about.  If everyone who came here tipped me a dollar by buying just one of my songs we would have something special here (and all your base would belong to us).  Just do what you feel is fair.  I don't want to make anyone feel guilty, 'cause I hate that, so just do what you can do.  Just remember that I depend on your support and purchases to make this work successfully.  If you can't compensate me, don't sweat it, help me by spreading the word.  Enough said!

So, what is it that I'm doing?  I'm doing something called a Song a Week Project.  I write and record a song a week and put it here so you can hear it and dance to it.  I write all kinds of songs, from the silly to the serious.

About Davidshapeimage_5_link_0

Look at my serious pose.  Isn’t it fancy?

The Song a Week Project is something I started early in 2010.  It is an exercise in creativity.  A song a week is written and recorded by me, David Ritter, each week, and posted to MacMufasa.com.  It has become more than I have possibly imagined - getting exposure from other websites and people - and has been a real exciting experience.

You can help me by letting me know which ones song you like the most by emailing me.

The songs are free to listen to and are covered by the Creative Commons license, a way less stricter version of licensing than today’s music industry.  You may use any song in your creative ventures - videos, drawings, etc. as long as you credit me and don’t stand to make a profit from it.

The Song a Week Project